Monday, November 26, 2007

New To Driving?

How would you define Driving?

Be it a car, motorcycle, scooter, bus or even a bicycle.. ?

Is it an art? hobby? necessity? curse? feature or bug??

No matter what, driving has become an integral part of everyone's life and I'm sure everyone at some point in their life has wanted to drive a vehicle.

Well, there is a common misconception between operating a vehicle and driving the vehicle. Would you ask how?

Let me take an example of a bike, Say, I know how to start the vehicle, accelerate, change gears, turn, brake and stop. I can very well say, I know how to operate the vehicle. At the same time, there's an additional soft skill required for me to claim of driving. Well, it's not just the traffic rules, but some common sense added to it.

Have you seen a lot of two wheelers without a rear view mirror. Well, some of them do, but in some skewed angle where it won't serve the purpose. If it does serve purpose, it would be when the vehicle is parked so that someone can comb his/her hair or put on some quick make-up.. I've also heard some high-speed bikers complain..

"It's just a burden while maneuvering in jam-packed traffics".

People may just ignore the fact that it is very important to look at the mirror whenever they change their position on the road. It's very important for avoiding accidents. Similarly, there are lots of cars with their rear view mirrors folded at all times.

You may come across people claim

"I only took 4 classes of driving lessons and I'm already on the road."

Well, I'd say if pride is making your eyes blind, better think twice before you face the consequences. I bet at least 50% of car drivers (even license holders) don't yet know the term "Blind Spot" or what it means while driving. I really wonder if they teach all these things in driving schools which just enable one to obtain a drivers license.

Usage of signal lights or hand indications is only a luxury than necessity for some.

Well, I'm not here to do just all the cribbing, but there is nice information available on the web and wish people make use of them.. One of them has been quoted below, and quite a lot can be found..

Happy Driving!