Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Years, Resolutions and me..

First I would like to wish all the friends a wonderful new year. What is the resolution for this new year?

It was on the radio couple of days back, someone was telling that new year resolutions need not just be taken on the new year eve itself, but it can go up to nine days... that is, time is still there to make vows... Is that true? Don’t know. I don’t mind sharing what has happened with me so far..

To be frank, I started following this “concept” of new year resolutions very recently (past three years or so) and have been working on how to device them and to make sure how they won't affect my day to day lifestyle and yet be beneficial..

The plan of action, as it goes..

Well, it should be a win win...

ok.. sounds good!..

but what are you trying to achieve?

mmm... some betterment.

fine; Let me see how it works

First, should I “Start something new” or “Stop something existing”

Well, To start something new seems easier as you know it’s tough to change/lose habits…

Next, Hardness level: easy – medium – hard…

what to choose? Did anyone say New Year Resolutions should be “Super Hard”? Let me go with the medium stuff..

Subject decided. (Hoorray!! But I don’t want to get into the specifics) How to go about it? I have only 365 days left…. Can I spare a day or two for that?

So, the year starts like this and the first couple of weeks go by planning in detail as to how well I am going to execute this resolution.

Now, a plan has been devised.

Does it need alterations? Exceptions?

Does it hold good all the time or there are any loopholes?

Let me carefully note down all the “if” conditions.. What are all the possible combinations? (How best to break the vows ourselves without being questioned) Ultimately a two page draft is made. (Rough or final?)

Is that an agreement? If so, with whom? Myself? Do I need to sign it?

Do I need a witness?

(Too much of documentation!?!. Did you deal with any government authority lately?)

OK, Come on! Take it easy.. But how will I come to know if I am adhering to it or not? (Also make sure it doesn’t affect anything else)

OK, Let me put a oral intimation to the close ones, and leave it to fate whether they keep that in mind or not! (So that I can conveniently forget so that I can put the blame on others for not reminding me in case I don’t adhere…)

And it is close to last week of January that the resolution is going to be finally accepted. (Already three weeks gone, why not start in February?)

No. It comes with “immediate” effect. Checkpoints set to every Sunday (Did I or Did I not?)

Report card as follows.. (No one has to sign this one though!)

January .../.../.../pass (Great me!)
February pass/pass/pass/pass (That’s cool!..)
March pass/fail/pass/pass (Oh no! I forgot.. Someone remind me..)
April pass/fail/fail/pass (OK, someone reminded)
May pass/fail/fail/fail (It’s getting hot man.. )
June fail/fail/fail/fail (….mmmmmm……)
July fail/fail/fail/fail (Weather is just too nice)
August ……………... (What?)
September ……………... (Did i?)
October ……………... (Oh! Come on)
November ……………... (Forget it!)
December ……………... (Ok… let’s do something next year!)

After going through this intensive course, I decided that next year, I should try something that I can really achieve. What best can it be? OK.. New year comes and Someone asks me

“What is the New Year resolution this year? “

“Well, Not to take such resolutions any more… “ (Seriously!!)

And you know what? People don’t give up that easily. They come back to me this year and ask the same question.. Guess what my answer is?

“The resolution is to stop talking to people who ask this question.”

Happy New year!


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